Marcus Buchecha Almeida pleads for justice for slayed friend, Leandro Lo

The jiu-jitsu community was shaken to it’s core on August 7th when the news emerged that 8x Jiu jitsu world champion was laying in hospital brain dead after a night out with friends.

Early on the reports indicated that Lo was in an altercation with a member of the military police – at a pagoda show.

After a dispute in which the member of the military police reportedly snatched a bottle from the table of Lo and friends, Lo grappled and subdued the man. But as soon as he let him go, Lo was shot to the head from close range.

Police lieutenant Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo subsequently surrendered and was charged. However the Military police have yet to distance themselves from Velozo. As per a plea Lo’s longtime friend and a fellow champion posted:

“Good evening, I’m here making this video once again asking for justice for Leandro Lô,
our eternal legend. Our brother, who was cowardly murdered by Henrique Otávio Veloso,
a murderer who has no conditions to represent the military police.”

“And even today he represents, because he was not exonerated, so I’m here making this video asking everyone who liked Leandro, who loved Leandro, or everyone who follows me, to demand the correction of the military police, the current governor Rodrigo Garcia, the current governor of the state of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia, and ask why we still haven’t had an answer, why he still represents the military police of the state of São Paulo.”

“So this guy has no conditions to represent any police, after everything he did he didn’t lend any help, he didn’t try to help, quite the opposite, after that, after murdering Leandro, he went to another nightclub, and spent the night at a motel, so this proves that he is a psychopath, there is no way to represent the police of our state. “

“So I’m here making this video asking for justice for Leandro Lô, and everyone can do the same, demand, and we hope to have some answer, this guy has to be prosecuted as soon as possible.”

“in respect to the family, in respect to the friends, in respect to everyone who loved Leandro.”

Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo is a 1st Lieutenant of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo. He has been an active Policeman for over a decade. He was involved in several incidents prior to the Lo slaying.

Velozo was drinking on the night of the incident and the Police have his tab filed in evidence.

Velozo’s lawyer requested Leandro Lo’s blood should undergo testing to verify his drinking on the night of in addition to wanting to test for an assortment of other stimulants and PEDs.

Considering the volatile political climate in Brazil it will be interesting to watch how the case develops. Not to mention that we hope that Velozo is quickly tried and convicted.