Leandro Lo Assassination: Indicted Police officer insists Lo’s blood be tested for EPO, stimulants and more

The ruthless slaying of Leandro Lo left a mark on the entire jiu jitsu community. The 33 year old World champion was shot to the head during a pagoda show on the night of August 7th at Clube Sírio.

The police officer in question was one of the 6 police officers who identified themselves to security at the club that night in order to be able to keep their weapon on them.

Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo is a 1st Lieutenant of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo. He has been an active Policeman for over a decade. He was involved in several incidents prior to the Lo slaying.

Velozo surrendered a day after the incident and was placed under arrest.

Following the slaying, Henrique Velozo left Clube Sirio and went to Bahamas Nightclub (a brothel in Sao Paulo). Security footage shows him entering the club at 3:04 and leaving two hours later in the company of a woman.

Velozo was drinking on the night of the incident and the Police have his tab filed in evidence.

Lawyer Cláudio Dalledone, Henrique Velozo’s defender, said “it was strange the dissemination by the press of images of the police officer in nightclubs, supposedly after the facts”.

“These images need to be attached to the case file so that the defense can make an analysis and, if necessary, even request an expertise. The defense will not allow hasty conclusions, pre-judgments. fair”,

He also requested Leandro Lo’s blood should undergo testing to verify his drinking on the night of in addition to wanting to test for an assortment of other stimulants.

“It also requires that a complementary blood alcohol test be carried out on the victim and with regard to the toxicological test already determined by Your Lordship, it requires that laboratory research be specified for amphetamines, codeines, methamphetamines, ecstasy, EPO (blood doping), heroin, morphine , cocaine, crack, hGH (growth hormones), S1 (anabolic steroids) and S6 (stimulants),” reads an excerpt from the petition as per UOL.

“We will appoint technical assistants who will accompany the expert analysis and will present technical questions to be answered by the Institute of Criminalistics and the Legal Medical Institute. no factoid and no legend assume the direction of this criminal case. Everything must be investigated and each one will answer for their responsibilities. For this, the defense will spare no legal and legal efforts to ensure that the truth is reestablished”, said Dalledone.