Makhachev dictator patron blasts UFC after IV controversy, blames modern political agenda

Makhachev was on the verge of the biggest triumph in his professional career – instead he’s engulfed in controversy. He’s been in the eye of the storm thanks to accusations from former opponent Dan Hooker about using an IV to rehydrate.

Makhachev’s managers first cried racism.

Then called Hooker a sore loser.

And ultimately incriminated them selves even more.

Makhachev was diplomatic in his response, claiming:

And now his patron is piping in with a scathing statement towards the UFC. This is particularly amusing due to his own history of incredibly troubling behavior and his tendency to be brutal to dissidents.

In an instagram caption, Chechen leader writes:

“Today, the subject of heated discussion was the Russian UFC fighter Islam Makhachev, who recently defeated the Australian Alexander Volkanovski in a fair fight. He is accused of using an illegal IV drip before the fight. Of course, the accusations are not supported by anything and are based only on rumors and speculation.

It would seem that such accusations require a thorough investigation and confirmation of the very fact of using a prohibited substance, but not in this case. Here we are talking about a Russian fighter, and this means only one thing: it is necessary to comply with the modern political agenda – to blame Russia for all sins.

This biased accusation against our athlete seriously damages the reputation of the world’s leading sports organization – UFC. But few people care. The main thing is to punish the “representative of Russian imperialism” by the method of disqualification.

Ask me if I’m surprised Of course not. US policy is predictable and very one-sided. It is based on an unshakable principle – to crush all those who disagree. Only the methods and tools change. Nevertheless, we know a few things for sure: first, the accusations from the defeated Australian and some individuals are empty.

As the athlete himself confirmed, before and after the fight, he was tested for doping about four times by the relevant commission, which is confirmed by characteristic bruises. The second follows from this – Islam Makhachev is a well-deserved UFC champion. And the last, third fact – Russia has always been, remains and will be ahead of the whole world, extremely painful for all Western ideologists. And they have to put up with it!”