Madonna attends Boxer boyfriend’s match amidst rumors romance is fake

Madonna has been spotted numerous times on social media spending time with boxing coach and Summer House star Josh Popper. The recent photos posted on her social media show her attending a boxing match in New York City with Popper over the weekend.

Popper, who is 29 years old, reportedly met Madonna, who is 64 years old, through training her son David Banda at Bredwinners gym in NYC.

Madonna and Popper have not publicly addressed the rumors about their relationship, but Daily Mail has reported that the pair has been spending a lot of time together lately.

The first public appearance of the duo was on Feb. 12, when Popper shared a series of photos on Instagram showing Madonna standing next to him, his coaches, and other individuals after he won a match at Gleason’s Gym. Madonna was seen grasping his muscular arm in one of the photos.

On March 3, Madonna attended Popper’s boxing match at the Classic Car Club at NYC’s Pier 76, according to the New York Post’s Page Six. She later shared photos from the event on her Instagram Story.

According to Page Six’s source, the fling between Madonna and Josh is not real. The source claims she was merely assisting him with some PR:

“He’s a good-looking guy, but Madonna isn’t looking for love at the moment. Josh has been training her son and she’s impressed. She said she would help him promote the gym.”

Bravo viewers may recognize Popper from the reality show Summer House, where he was featured on the Feb. 27 episode. He trained cast member Samantha Feher, who invited him to a party in the Hamptons, and they considered dating before ultimately deciding they weren’t a match.

Before becoming a boxer, Popper played football at Rowan University. He later joined the Arizona Cardinals’ training camp and was briefly recruited for the Indianapolis Colts before exiting the team, according to Page Six.

Madonna was previously attached to another Martial arts fan – celebrated movie director Guy Ritchie. Ritchie is a jiu-jitsu black belt and has been for years.

Ritchie’s dedication to martial arts is evident not only in his achievements but also in his personal life. He’s been known to train regularly and has even incorporated martial arts into his filmmaking. For example, in the Sherlock Holmes movies, Ritchie choreographed fight scenes that showcased his characters’ knowledge of martial arts.