Mackenzie Dern wins big, calls out Rose Namajunas

In a highly anticipated clash at UFC Vegas 73, Mackenzie Dern showcased her dominance against Angela Hill. T

his five-round bout, originally scheduled for UFC Charlotte, proved to be an intense and action-packed showdown and won the $50,000 bonus.

Dern’s relentless and impressive ground game was on full display, leading to her victory over a resilient Hill.


Mackenzie Dern wasted no time unleashing a barrage of strikes, aiming to make a statement from the opening seconds. However, this aggressive approach resulted in a clinch within the first 30 seconds. While it initially seemed advantageous for Dern, Hill managed to reverse the position and landed a powerful knee to Dern’s body.

After a brief separation, a fiery exchange at the center of the octagon led to a throw from Dern, but Hill quickly regained control.

Once back on their feet, Dern unleashed a powerful punch, sending Hill to the canvas. Seizing the opportunity, Dern swiftly gained top position, briefly transitioning into mount. Hill, using the fence to her advantage, escaped the mount but still found herself underneath Dern’s relentless pressure.

Hill found herself defending against Dern’s mount once again, scrambling and throwing upkicks in her attempt to evade Dern’s ground game. Dern persisted and targeted Hill’s leg, eventually moving into mount and delivering a colossal elbow strike.

Dern capitalized on her dominant position, attempting an arm-bar submission. Although Hill managed to withstand the submission, it was a testament to her tenacity and endurance.


The second round witnessed Dern’s continued heavy striking, which momentarily compromised her position. Hill capitalized on this opportunity, securing a body lock, but the decision to take the action to the ground against Dern’s grappling prowess was questionable. While Hill exhibited superior technical skills on her feet,

Dern’s power advantage was evident. Throughout the round, both exchanged significant blows, transforming the contest into a captivating spectacle.


In the third round, a combination from Hill caused Dern to slip onto her back. Sensing an opportunity, Dern immediately pursued an arm-bar submission. However, Hill managed to evade the submission and wisely returned to her feet. Dern, undeterred, landed a knee strike that rocked Hill, leading to another throw. In the ensuing scramble, it was Hill who ended up on top. Despite Dern’s relentless ground and pound, Hill exhibited tremendous resilience. The round concluded with Dern securing an arm-bar position, but Hill’s unwavering determination prevented her from submitting.


The fourth round commenced with another offensive onslaught from Dern, culminating in a clinch against the fence. Upon separation, Dern showcased her superior jab and stand-up skills. Fearlessly disregarding Hill’s power, she relentlessly attacked, battering Hill and relentlessly pursuing takedowns.

Hill, to her credit, effectively defended against the takedown attempts. In the final minute, they traded blows, with Dern unleashing a spinning back fist that left her vulnerable. This allowed Hill to secure a takedown, with Dern finding herself on top while Hill sought a choke from the bottom.

Mackenzie Dern initiated the final round with an emphatic throw, but the confined space near the fence limited her maneuverability. Hill, visibly affected by the cumulative damage of the previous rounds, found herself on her back, defending against Dern’s relentless onslaught. Although Hill held guard, being in this defensive position was far from ideal. Dern maintained an active presence on top, exerting control for the majority of the round. In the final 90 seconds,

Dern actively pursued submissions, further weakening Hill with ground and pound strikes. With less than a minute remaining, Dern achieved mount, landing devastating elbows and prompting the referee to closely monitor the situation. The round concluded, leaving no doubt as to the victor.