Mackenzie Dern denies she’s faking her accent, explains translator’s presence in cage

Mackenzie Dern has been working on her social media presence a lot as of late. Dern has gotten a lucrative sponsorship with One plus via UFC and can nowadays be seen on the bottom of every UFC broadcast in their ads.

Mackenzie Dern has been a star in the making since she joined the promotion for UFC 222. Dern has an excellent MMA record with 12 wins in her career and just two losses.

But besides her talents in the cage, Dern frequently goes viral when fans unearth the conspiracy behind her thicker and thicker accent.

Dern was born in Phoenix, Arizona to an American mother and a Brazilian father yet her English is more ethnic by the day. S

Following her outing at UFC 222, she was even provided with a translator, which was surprising to everyone involved.

Recently Dern addressed the accent police once again explaining that she speaks Portuguese exclusively nowadays, as she told MMANews

“Now I’m laughing about it, but I’m definitely man, my mom’s American. It also has my mom like mom, my having an accent and then it’s just crazy how it can just be from like you’re speaking English on my mind just constantly Portuguese and English and I mean it I really today’s days I just mostly speak Portuguese.”

UFC fans even made videos speculating that it was a ploy from Dern’s team to market her as a Brazilian, although she was born in Arizona and despite the fact that being an American is a lot more marketable.

As for the translator, Dern explained:

” I was just a surprised to see a translator there as everyone else. Like, I think people thought that I asked for the translator and I was like, oh, literally like my UFC debut. And I was like, I don’t know. I think they thought I didn’t speak Portuguese or I didn’t speak English or I don’t know.”

“I thought that like, Oh, maybe they want me to speak both to talk to like my fans in Brazil. I don’t know. ”

Mackenzie is scheduled to face Yan Xiaonan on UFC Fight Night 211. She last appeared at UFC 273 when she defeated Tecia Torres via split decision.