Lyndon Arthur stages comeback with interesting liver shot with a delayed reaction

Former light heavyweight champion Lyndon Arthur recently orchestrated a remarkable return to the ring, securing victory with a devastating liver shot.

Lyndon Arthur made his comeback appearance on September 1, stepping into the ring to face Braian Suarez in a showdown for the vacant IBO light heavyweight title. Despite facing significant challenges in the early rounds, Arthur’s victory proved to be a striking display of skill and resilience.

The opening round saw an impressive exchange of blows between the two fighters. Arthur adeptly parried Suarez’s powerful punches and began to assert dominance with his rapid jabs. However, as the match progressed, Suarez started to find his rhythm and gain control.

Towards the conclusion of the fourth round, Suarez landed a thunderous hook that sent Arthur to the canvas. Suarez maintained his momentum into the fifth round, relentlessly pressuring Arthur. Arthur found himself struggling, and in the waning seconds of the round, Suarez unleashed a barrage of punishing punches. Fortunately for Arthur, the bell rang, providing a momentary reprieve.

Suarez continued to assert himself in the seventh and eighth rounds, seemingly maintaining the upper hand. However, the dynamics of the fight shifted in the ninth round. It became a closely contested battle with both fighters enjoying their moments. Then, in a swift exchange near the round’s end, Arthur delivered a ferocious liver shot.

The impact of the liver shot was not immediate. The liver area, rich in nerves, is a prime target in boxing due to its sensitivity. However, in some instances, the initial force of the blow can temporarily numb the pain receptors in the region, leading to a delayed reaction.

As a result of this extraordinary move, Lyndon Arthur clinched victory and earned the title of the new IBO light heavyweight champion. At 32 years of age, this Englishman boasts an impressive record of 24 victories and only one loss. That lone defeat came in 2021 against Anthony Yarde, where Arthur was unable to defend his Commonwealth and WBO Inter-Continental light heavyweight titles.