Lorenzo Hunt KOs Quentin Henry Twice during BKFC 30 and praises Flat Earth after

In one of the strangest rounds in BKFC history, BKFC icon Lorenzo Hunt won the cruiserweight title for the organization.

Hunt and Quentin Henry competed for the BKFC 30 cruiserweight championship in the main event at the Fant-Ewing Coliseum in Monroe, Louisiana. Hunt jumped off the action as soon as the event started, throwing hands right away in an effort to finish Henry out quickly.


A few seconds in, Hunt seemed to slip and fall, pulling Henry down with him. Henry was then shoved against the ropes. Henry was down on his back, and Lorenzo Hunt was on top of him, seeming to throw a blow.

As BKFC officials watched the video to determine whether or not an unlawful blow had been delivered, the match was stopped. Henry was given time to heal as a result. After watching the video of the suspected unlawful strike for a number of minutes, Henry was prepared to follow orders and continue the main event.

With 35 seconds remaining in the third round of combat between the two, Lorenzo Hunt brought Henry down with a barrage of blows. Ref Dan Miragliotta halted the action after Henry was deemed unable to respond to the referee’s count.

Hunt was declared the victor at 1:36 in Round 3. Therefore, the final result was irrelevant. He became the only two-division champion in BKFC history.

The absence of disqualification for Hunt, who looked to have thrown an obviously illegal strike, puzzled many fans on Twitter. However, many videos shown by BKFC were unclear as to whether Hunt’s strike was truly connected. Hunt was appreciative of his opponent after the event was off.

β€œThe world is flat, God is black, and there will be no champ unless I say so.” Hunt ranted after his victory.