Logan Paul’s confident Dillon Danis won’t pull out of October 14th event

Recently, the animosity between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has taken a deeply personal turn.

Despite Danis’ complaints about continuing lawsuit and a cryptic tweet suggesting he may not participate in the bout, Logan Paul has stated why he is certain that Dillon Danis will show up for their boxing match.

Danis targeted Logan’s fiancee Nina Agdal with a barrage of posts – explicit pictures of her as well as pictures with her former partners. This led Nina to pursue legal action against the former UFC combatant, seeking damages and a restraining order.

However, Logan has made it clear that the restraining order only applies to online remarks and not in-person interactions.

With Nina poised to stand in Logan’s corner, apprehensions arose regarding the lawsuit’s potential impact on the impending bout. However, Logan is certain that his opponent will attend on October 14 despite concerns to the contrary.

Danis raised eyebrows with a cryptic tweet declaring he was “over this.” He later clarified that he wanted to take a break from rapid posting.

When Logan appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani on September 27, he was questioned about it and gave his justifications. He stated: “No one is going to make him show up to the venue that night. No one is going to drag him out of bed, he’s got to do it himself.”

He speculated, “I imagine if he flies to London (for the press conference), he’s probably going to end up fighting. Why would you fly to London if you’re not going to do the fight?”

The YouTuber turned wrestler also said that the $100,000 fine for pulling out “sucks” and that the only way Dillon might avoid it is if he suffers from a an actual injury.

Paul said: “If he does end up pulling out and he can’t prove an injury, he’ll have to pay me $100k. He’ll never have a platform again, no fighting organization, no sponsor will ever want to work with him again because he’s essentially just a liar. He has to show up.”