Logan Paul: WWE did say I can’t f**k in the belt

Social media influencer Logan Paul recently won the WWE United States Championship, defeating the legendary Rey Mysterio. This significant achievement not only marked Paul’s first title with the company but also a career-high since he began regularly participating in the promotion.

Since claiming the title, Logan Paul has been showcasing his win through various internet videos. In a recent viral clip featuring his brother Jake Paul, Logan divulged the connection he has with his newly acquired United States Championship.

He said: “I just took a shower with this belt on. I ran a 5K earlier with this belt on. This belt never leaves my waist. I f**k in this belt. This belt means everything to me.”

But in a humorous twist, Logan hinted at editing out a specific detail due to advice he received from Triple H, post his title victory. This advice pertains to the dos and don’ts of wearing the title belt.

Logan Paul shared the interesting encounter, stating: “The WWE did say I can’t f**k in the belt. I swear, Triple H, he came up to me and he said, ‘Logan, congratulations on the belt. One thing we’ve been really cautious about here in the organization is making sure our athletes are not f**king in their belts so if you could just refrain from f**king in your belt,’ and I gave him my word.”

Despite the playful banter, Logan emphasized a more serious commitment to defending his title against “whoever wants” it. From Cody Rhodes to LA Knight, Logan Paul made it clear that he’s ready to face anyone and “doesn’t give a sh**.”

As Logan Paul gears up for his first title defense, the wrestling community is eagerly anticipating who his challenger will be and where he will defend the United States Championship. Now a recognized champion, Logan Paul is expected to make more frequent appearances in the WWE.