Logan Paul turns down Manny Pacquiao boxing date

Jake and Logan Paul have fast become the most coveted opponents in the boxing world. The infamous youtuber brothers have big fandoms and an even hater clubs.

This is why the more talented of the two is progressing in his professional boxing career and will be taking up UFC GOAT Anderson Silva in his next outing.

Meanwhile Logan Paul likely has a much more lucrative career in the WWE. Logan Paul considers himself among the best ‘youtube boxers ‘ despite never having won due to the fact he survived a clash against Floyd Mayweather.

Paul and Mayweather went the distance in their exhibition with Paul dwarving over Mayweather. In the end the longtime professional boxer was unable to finish Logan and even went so far as to tell his corner that Logan ‘hits hard’ in between rounds.

But Logan Paul is also picky about his opportunities.

Recently he revealed in an interview:


“What boxer can sell like that?” Paul asked reporter Macos Villegas in response to a question about his next opponent, who suggested Pacquiao. “It was on the table,” Paul replied much to Villegas’ surprise.

He then added: “On the table, like, ‘do you want this fight?’ I said ‘no’, because I will not be the guy that just fights retired boxers, I did that once, now I’m going to fight a wrestler in his prime, let’s see what happens.”

Pacquiao has generated approximately 20.4 million total pay-per-view (PPV) buys and $1.29 billion in revenue from his 26 PPV bouts. According to Forbes, he was the second highest paid athlete in the world in 2015.

Floyd Mayweather Jr v Manny Pacquiao grossed the most money out of any boxing event in history. It had reported 4.6M PPV Buys. Mayweather’s boxing date with Conor McGregor trails behind the event with 4.3M PPV buys.