Logan Paul slams Dillon Danis for filing an appeal to the outcome of their boxing bout

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis finally entered the ring on October 14, culminating months of anticipation in a six-round showdown. However, what was expected to be a display of skill turned into a chaotic brawl.

In the ending moments of the last round, Dillon Danis attempted to put Logan Paul in a headlock and bring him down to the canvas. This desperate move marked the culmination of an intense brawl.

Ultimately, it was Logan Paul who emerged victorious as Danis was disqualified from the bout. But it seems like Danis is not accepting defeat easily, as he is opting to appeal the result.

On October 21, the PBA confirmed that Dillon Danis had officially filed an appeal. However, Logan Paul was far from impressed. He openly criticized Danis, branding him as “embarrassing” and “desperate” for contesting the outcome.

Logan wrote: “Embarrassing & desperate. What’s the appeal? He tried to take me down, failed. He tried to choke me out, failed. He didn’t even try to fight back, he just took his a*s beating like a b*tch.”

He went on to add: “Dude really thinks he can handle everything online. He should just accept the loss like a man & move on with his pathetic life.”

Fans responded to Dillon Danis’ official appeal application in a variety of hilarious ways. Some of the comments are as follows:

“Bro threw 3 punches and he is appealing what happened to shame mahn”

“What is Dillon appealing for?? 😭 fight ended too quick and he ran out of time to suck or what?”

“This sh*ts an open & shut case 💀”

“What is he appealing for?😭”

“Bro got his cheeks clapped and now he’s mad lmao”

Dillon Danis is not the sole Prime Card combatant seeking to challenge the verdict of their bout. KSI has also lodged a formal appeal against the controversial decision favoring Tommy Fury in their encounter.

Remarkably, 45% of bouts featured on the card have been subjected to appeals. This includes Chase DeMoor’s appeal against his loss to Tempo Arts, as well as Alexia Grace’s appeal after her defeat to Astrid Wett. Even both sides of the tag-team match have submitted appeals.