Logan Paul says Nate Diaz is “ducking him” after offering boxing contract

MMA veteran Nate Diaz has been engaging in a war of words with the Paul brothers for the past few months. Recently, he called out Logan Paul after the latter trash-talked Tommy Fury during Jake Paul’s recent bout.

However, Logan Paul thinks that Nate Diaz is “ducking him” and avoiding a boxing bout that could be a no-brainer for him to sign.

Logan revealed in an interview with MMA journalist Ariel Helwani that he had sent Nate Diaz a contract last year but has yet to receive any response from the MMA pro.

When asked whether he had a bout scheduled for 2023, Logan said he thought he did, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Logan believes that Nate Diaz is avoiding a clashwith him, despite having an easy win on paper. “We had the sweetest deal for him. I’m not a quarter-million PPV type of fighter, and I’m a 0-1 YouTuber,” Logan said.

“Seems like an easy fight on paper, no?” When asked who it was, Logan revealed that it was Nate Diaz.

Logan admitted that he didn’t care anymore, but he made it clear that the boxing bout is not entirely off the table. They offered Nate more money, and he has yet to respond. If Nate does decide to box Logan, it could be one of the funniest PPVs of the year.

Nate Diaz and the Paul brothers have been going back and forth with each other. It all started when Jake Paul knocked out MMA veteran Ben Askren in the first round, and Nate Diaz tweeted, “These guys both need some serious help.”

This tweet didn’t sit well with Jake Paul, who responded by calling Nate Diaz “washed up.” Since then, the feud has escalated, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.