Logan Paul regrets making a move to mess with Tommy Fury’s head during the event against Jake

Youtuber Logan Paul has admitted that his plan to try and unnerve Tommy Fury during his brother Jake’s recent boxing bout backfired spectacularly.

Logan tried to “talk s*** and get in Tommy Fury’s head” during an interview in between rounds. However, his comments only seemed to inspire Fury, who went on to win the celebrity grudge match by split decision.

Logan shouted at Fury, “Tommy, if you can hear me, you a b****, bro and you’re gassing out. You a b****, the whole Fury family are a b****.”

Despite his efforts, Fury responded by dominating that round on his way to a points win. Logan later admitted that his plan only served to make Fury angrier.

On his podcast, Logan explained that his motive was to try and get in Fury’s head, knowing that he was listening in his corner. He thought that by talking s***, he could rattle Fury and help his brother Jake win the bout. Unfortunately for him, it had the opposite effect.

Fury’s dad John was also critical of Logan’s behavior, calling it “absolutely disgusting.” John accused Logan of looking for attention by any means necessary and said that his comments were unprofessional and ridiculous.

BT sport also caught some flack for airing an expletive filled impromptu interview in the middle of a bout.

Broadcasters for BT were later forced to put a message on screen which read: “We apologize for any offence caused by the bad language.”

Jake Paul is already looking to book a Tommy Fury rematch considering there was a one sided rematch clause in the contract. This has derailed Paul’s plans to face Nate Diaz in a boxing bout this summer.