Logan Paul praises John Fury following presser fiasco: ‘Just an icon like wow, he made that real chaotic spice’

Logan Paul openly praised the noteworthy actions of John Fury, which nearly incited a commotion at the prestigious Wembley Arena.

The spotlight shifted towards Fury Sr. during the high-profile press conference featuring his son Tommy and KSI. The event marked their first face-to-face encounter since their prior confrontation at the AO Arena in Manchester.

Logan Paul also made an appearance as he geared up for his co-main event showdown against Dillion Danis. The press conference witnessed an exchange of verbal jabs between the involved parties, and Logan even presented Dillon with an unconventional birthday cake.

The intensifying banter reached its threshold, with Fury Sr deciding he had endured enough. Swiftly, he enacted by flipping his table and directing a forceful kick at KSI. This impulsive act temporarily transformed the stage into a scene of chaos, drawing the attention of all present.

In an exclusive conversation with talkSPORT Drive, Logan articulated his profound respect for John Fury. He said: “John Fury is a legend, he’s a real legend.”

“Yeah I love that guy, just an icon like wow, wow. He made that real chaotic spice, that’s what the people want.”

Paul went on to add: “I know for a fact, John Fury knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s a wizard, he’s been in this game for so long, he’s knows and sells fights. So yeah if he wants to smash a few tables, let him go for it!”

When asked about the impact of the chaotic incident on the upcoming match, Paul stated: “Yeah of course, of course! The Fury family, the legacy is there, like John led the pack. John, Tommy, Tyson, I like these guys.”

John Fury’s table-flipping feat indeed ignited an episode on the stage, but order was gradually restored. As the combatants inched closer to their impending showdown within the squared circle, the echoes of this spectacle served to amplify the anticipation surrounding the event.