Logan Paul claims Paulo Costa knock out video was faked

Paulo Costa has been holding his own in terms of star power but he’s still nowhere near Logan Paul’s reach.

On the most recent episode of “Impaulsive,” Loga Paul claimed he faked getting knocked out by UFC Middleweight.

Logan went on to claim that the whole incident was made up and clickbait. Rob’s facial expressions were ones of surprise and amazement.

And Rob said, “What about getting knocked out?”

“Paulo Costa, that was fake man. My god, dog. You got click baited.”

His co-host riffed: “You click baited Rob Dyrdek?”

To which Logan replied: “No, I click baited everyone. That was obvious.”



Logan also claimed there were multiple takes of the video.

Recently, Dillon Danis called out Logan Paul after Paul backed out of their boxing date that was scheduled for Misfits 004 on January 4.

Danis criticized Logan Paul for ostensibly pulling out of the bout.

Paul has boxed a couple of times – however he’s never won but that didn’t stop him from trying to claim he’s the best influencer boxer out there due to the fact he survived going the distance against (much smaller) Floyd Mayweather.