Liver King thanked the man who exposed him for PED use

Liver King (born Brian Johnson) has received a lot of criticism lately because of his hypocrisy –  he was long claiming to be natural while taking tens of thousands of dollars wroth of PEDs per year.

PED expert Derek of More Plates More Dates infamy published a video featuring leaked emails from a fitness trainer Liver King (born Brian Johnson) contacted back in 2021 hoping to optimize his PED use and make the best adjustments in his chemical regimen.

The fitness trainer that leaked the emails to Derek of MPMD has since come clean and confirmed the circumstances of his work with Johnson.

In response to the news, The Liver King posted a suspicious apology on YouTube. The apology was ridiculed by Joe Rogan.

“He did it to help others who were in need. Please, Derek.” – Rogan laughed listening to his apology.

“He wanted everybody that’s depressed and trying to kill themselves, to reach their highest most dominant form. But, he wanted to lie about how he achieved his physique.”

“So, mislead these people that just by eating liver, you can come close to that. So you fail at that as well as everything else you failed [at] in life.”


The Liver King appeared as a guest on the Flagrant podcast. He went on to reveal:

“I don’t know if you guys know this, but as soon as this happened, I called Derek. I called him. First of all, he didn’t answer and I sent him a text and I say, man, I just want to thank you,” he said.

“I just want to say thank you. I don’t know what good will come of it, but good will f–king come of it.”

He continued by saying that he is ready to put his use of steroids behind him and continue living the sort of life he advocates. The Liver King intends to follow his “Nine Ancestral Tenants” and live a “natty” lifestyle.

“I believe so deeply in this message and the nine ancestral tenants and the ancestral living, to answer your question, yes. I’m done with that. When I had the opportunity to issue the apology… and I said this is my time to just do it all.”

This is a different tune from what he posted on his story in the immediate fall out from the leak.

“Good morning primals ! It’s prime time to launch into the day to get early morning sun through the eyes on the face on the skin. This is going to set your best sleep to set your biased Akkadian rhythm so you can live your best life.”

“Make sure to get the bare feet connected anchored grounded into the earth. Primals! These are our ancestral ways to express their highs, the most dominant form to do these things.”

“Here’s my wind for the day to create the winning mindset, to launch myself in the momentum, expressing my deepest appreciation for Derek of more plates more dates. We all know that it’s physical resistance that helps to create and forge a stronger physical constitution. The same applies socially, most emotionally, mentally, spiritually, internally. Derek was the catalyst to help bring me to my knees.”

“That means that Derek is also the catalyst that will help me rise to new heights, to express an uncompromising, a more dominant, a higher form. So I am eternally grateful. Thank you. This has also been a very revealing time where I know who has stood beside me. This is why I say loyalty above all, and to recognize a betrayal so I can cut that man out of my life for eternity so I can focus and point my energy where it matters most.”