Liver King admits to PED use, publishes apology video

Liver King had previously denied taking PEDs for months.

Liver King is a well-liked wellness expert and has gained fame as a result of his inspirational videos and content about diet and exercise. Since being thrust into the spotlight, there has been a lot of debate regarding whether the content producer is natural or uses PEDs.

PED expert Derek of More Plates More Dates infamy published a video featuring leaked emails from a fitness trainer Liver King (born Brian Johnson) contacted back in 2021 hoping to optimize his PED use and make the best adjustments in his chemical regimen.

While Johnson has previously credited his commitment to 9 ancestral tenants of living for his extraordinary physique there was now physical evidence proving otherwise.

The email leak was substantiated by the fact PED expert Derek of More Plates More Dates received a similar email during that time from an employee of Ancestral supplements company asking for advice on his regimen.

The stack features anabolic agents, peptides and human growth hormone. It’s estimated to cost Johnson upwards of $10,000 a month with estimates varying up to $15,000,

When the news broke, it went viral all over the globe.

Liver King previously insisted that any publicity was good publicity and would often double down on claims that you too can have a physique like him if you practice what he publicly preaches. Which is basically the biggest thing Johnson has working against him in this scandal.

Johnson posted an apology video to his YouTube account overnight.

 “I’m making this video to apologize because I f**ked up. Because I’m embarrassed and ashamed. Because I lied and I misled a lot of people. Before social media I was rich and anonymous and after social media I’m still rich but no longer anonymous and I never expected this kind of exposure in the public eye.”

“It’s been tricky as f**k to navigate… Clearly, I did it wrong and I’m here now to set the record straight. “


He added, “Liver King the public figure was an experiment to spread a message. That messaging being to raise awareness for the high (self harm) rates that plague the world in relation to young men who struggle with depression and “low motivation.”

“I’ve been on several podcasts and when asked if I’ve ever taken (PEDs) I’ve always said no, I don’t touch the stuff, not gonna stuff the stuff never gonna touch the stuff. That was a lie.”

While explaining why it took him so long to come clean, Live King opted to accept responsibility rather than provide justifications.

“I continually dismissed it and dug myself into a bigger and deeper hole. I have only myself to blame. I did that and it was all wrong. I will be better, I will talk about it openly… I’m as sorry as a man can be and all I can do is take extreme ownership right now, be better and lead myself to a better life as a better human.”

“I ignored it repeatedly and dug myself a deeper and deeper hole. I’m only responsible for myself. When I done that, everything went wrong. I’ll do better, and I’ll be honest about it. I’m as sorry as a man is capable of being, and all I can do now is accept full responsibility, improve, and guide myself toward a better existence as a better person.