Lil Pump Takes a Hit! Colby Covington Lands Body Shot on Rapper Before UFC 296

UFC star Colby Covington, ahead of his welterweight title clash with Leon Edwards at UFC 296, delivered a memorable body shot to none other than controversial rapper ‘Lil Pump’ during a backstage encounter at a Miami concert.

The amusing incident unfolded when Lil Pump, also known as Gazzy Garcia, met with Colby Covington backstage and jokingly requested the UFC fighter to land a body shot on him. Eager to showcase his striking skills, ‘Chaos’ agreed to the impromptu challenge. What ensued was a well-executed body shot that left Lil Pump crumpled on the floor, expressing pain amidst shared laughter.

The camaraderie between Lil Pump and Colby Covington extends beyond this recent encounter. Both known for their political alignment and support for former President Donald Trump, they share a bond rooted in similar beliefs. Their association even includes joint travel to meet Trump during his presidential campaign.

Colby Covington, returning to the octagon on December 16 for UFC 296 after his previous bout against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272, aims to secure the welterweight title in his encounter with Leon Edwards. Having previously vied for the title against Kamaru Usman, Covington is determined to overcome past setbacks and claim victory against the reigning champion.

In a recent Q&A session at an event hosted by ‘Turning Point USA,’ Colby Covington shed light on his motivations and mindset as he approaches this career-defining fight. Emphasizing the influence of doubters in fueling his drive, Covington spoke about the power of the mind, asserting that a change in mindset can lead to a transformative change in one’s life.

As the anticipation builds for Colby Covington’s upcoming title bout and Lil Pump’s unexpected encounter with UFC prowess continues to circulate, fans are left intrigued by the unique blend of sports and entertainment unfolding both inside and outside the octagon.