Laura Sanko fires back at MMA star dissing her commentary skills

A recent Twitter feud between a former UFC star and MMA analyst Laura Sanko took a surprising turn when the former attempted to criticize Sanko but ended up facing a sharp rebuttal.

The dispute started when the former UFC star, Jamie Varner, took to Twitter to criticize Sanko’s analysis of a recent MMA event. In a now-deleted tweet, Varner accused Sanko of bias and having a “personal agenda” against certain fighters.

However, Sanko didn’t back down. She quickly responded to Varner’s criticism with a series of tweets that not only refuted his claims but also showcased her expertise and understanding of the sport.

“Did I hurt your feelings by providing analysis based on years of experience and a deep understanding of the sport?” Sanko wrote. “I’ll try to do better next time and only share my ‘opinions’ instead of actual insights.”

Sanko’s response gained traction quickly, with many MMA fans praising her for shutting down Varner’s criticism. But Sanko didn’t stop there. She continued to educate Varner on the intricacies of MMA, underscoring her extensive involvement in the sport and her dedication to delivering fair and unbiased analysis.

“For those who don’t know, I’ve been involved in MMA for over a decade,” Sanko wrote. “I’ve trained, coached, and commentated at the highest level. I know what I’m talking about and won’t shy away from sharing my opinions, even if they contradict certain narratives pushed by fighters or their fans.”

Varner soon realized he had underestimated Sanko’s expertise. He deleted his original tweet and apologized to Sanko for his criticism.

“I apologize for my earlier tweet,” Varner wrote. “Laura, you’re an expert in the sport, and I have nothing but respect for you. I was out of line, and I’m sorry.”

This incident underscores the importance of respect and professionalism in the MMA community. While differing opinions and friendly banter are common, attacking someone based on their expertise or knowledge is never acceptable.

As for Sanko, she remains a respected and admired figure in the MMA world. Her expertise, knowledge, and unbiased analysis have earned her a devoted following, and she continues to be a valuable asset to the sport.