KSI’s KO victory over Joe Fournier overturned to a ‘no decision’

The highly anticipated main event, which took place on Saturday, May 13, seemed to conclude in the second round when KSI delivered a powerful right hand that knocked Fournier out cold.

Upon reviewing the replays, it became evident that the knockout blow had been delivered by KSI’s forearm, leaving Fournier understandably furious. He wasted no time in submitting an appeal to the Professional Boxing Association (PBA), seeking justice for what he believed was an illegal hit.

While KSI was clearly dominating the action prior to the incident, the PBA’s investigation concluded that the elbow strike was accidental. Consequently, instead of disqualifying KSI, the result was changed to a ‘no decision.’ This means that neither boxer’s record will be affected, and KSI will retain his unbeaten status.

In an expected turn of events, YouTuber KSI’s TKO victory over Joe Fournier has been overturned, changing the outcome to a ‘no decision’ following a post-fight review.

The PBA released a statement on Friday, May 19, detailing the decision-making process. Referee Gareth Morris, who oversaw the bout, conducted a thorough review of the evidence and took into account representations from both parties.

The assistance of supervisor Micky Vann and barrister Gul Nawaz Hussain KC was also sought when necessary. Ultimately, Mr. Morris arrived at an independent decision, stating that while KSI was winning the bout, the forearm/elbow blow was deemed accidental. The PBA ensured a fair and legally supported review, upholding the integrity of boxing.

Fournier, who strongly believed that the elbow was a deliberate act, expressed his frustration to Mail:

‘The PBA have ruled it is officially a no-contest. It was an illegal elbow, I’m still undefeated and I still look brand new. I want to thank the Daily Mail, though, because they were the first to put it out.

‘I’ve had millions of messages to my Instagram from well-wishers, including big-name athletes and celebrities saying they couldn’t believe the referee didn’t see it.

‘But the PFA have made up for it, and so did DAZN, Misfits and Wasserman, to make sure their was a fair shout to the athletes who sacrifice a lot to be on these cards. Now you know, if there’s any dodgy, that they rectify it. Respect, and you know where we’re now at: the rematch!’

The initial oversight of the forearm strike by the officials at the OVO Arena Wembley became evident as KSI celebrated with his team and performed press-ups in the ring. Neither KSI nor the referee in charge initially realized that an illegal shot had been thrown.