KSI’s Appeal Denied: Tommy Fury Boxing Result Stands Despite Judging Error

KSI’s appeal against the boxing result with Tommy Fury has been denied, despite the discovery of a judging error in the October bout.

The much-anticipated clash between the undefeated British duo took place at the Manchester AO Arena on October 14. The fight, witnessed by a packed arena, left viewers divided on who truly emerged victorious.

During the intense match, Fury faced a point reduction in the second round for a punch to the back of KSI’s head. The YouTuber’s unorthodox strategy kept the early rounds competitive, but Fury gradually took control as the fight progressed.

The judges initially ruled in favor of Fury with scores of 57-56, except for Rafael Ramos, who scored it 57-57. However, an error on Ramos’ scorecard was later rectified to 57-56, signaling a unanimous decision in Fury’s favor.

KSI vehemently contested the result, declaring it a ‘robbery.’ He pointed to Fury’s limited jabs and argued that the point deduction wasn’t sufficient for the majority decision.

Despite KSI’s appeal, an independent review panel assembled by the Professional Boxing Association concluded that there are no grounds to overturn the fight result. The decision means that Fury’s victory on October 14, 2023, remains intact.

Fury, confident even before the match, dismissed KSI’s boxing credentials, emphasizing his dominance in the ring. He labeled KSI a ‘sore loser’ and affirmed his superiority over opponents who lack his professional boxing experience.

While KSI expressed his disappointment with the decision, the boxing world continues to buzz with discussions about the controversial match and its aftermath.

In the end, the denied appeal solidifies Tommy Fury’s win in what has become a memorable chapter in British boxing.

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