KSI roasts Dillon Danis in a rant after surprise pull out: ‘He’s a warrior alright, a keyboard warrior’

Youtube star and undefeated boxer KSI was set to box Dillon Danis this weekend. However, the MMA star pulled out with his team citing he was under-prepared.

KSI is now set to box fellow Youtuber FaZe Temperrr.

JJ Olatunji is a British Youtube star famously known as KSI. He is currently an undefeated boxer with a score of 4-0-1 (1 being the draw against Logan Paul).

KSI was ready to face his rival Dillon Danis, but after weeks of verbal trash talk, Danis has withdrawn from the event.

Although KSI will be still competing, he released a lengthy statement slamming Danis.

“I mentioned at the press conference that Dillon was being haunted by me,”. KSI said after Danis withdrew from their scheduled event.

“He made his excuses and knew he couldn’t handle what I bring to a boxing ring. This answers the question whether he’s a fighter or not. He’s a warrior alright, a keyboard warrior, and hopefully, he’s learnt to leave the real men to speak with their actions rather than hollow words.”

Danis made it seem as though KSI and his management were trying to add last minute clauses to the contract as to dehydrate him.

He went so far as to call the changes ‘fishy’.

Days after this appearance, KSI’s manager went on to take out the provision from the contract fearing a pull out.

“Ok, how’s this…even though you signed and agreed to the contract 2 months ago…. We will take out the rehydration clause entirely so you have no excuses left to back out now. Nowhere to run. Dillon Danis. Let’s run it!”

But the stakes might’ve been too high for Danis, after KSI went on the record with the opinion that Danis should retire from all combat sports if he were to lose to a ‘youtuber’.

Danis’ one social media message detailed ‘fake news’ after the announcement.