KSI: “I wouldn’t go nowhere near MMA, I have seen what those guys gotta do”

YouTube sensation KSI has recently shared an update with his fans regarding his potential venture into the world of MMA. This announcement is coming after his recent boxing triumph over Joe Fournier.

KSI’s second boxing victory of the year in the highly-anticipated bout on May 13 has been met with mixed reactions. While the British YouTube star managed to knock out his opponent in the second round, there are claims that the knockout blow was illegal. KSI allegedly used his elbow while striking Fournier’s face.

Despite KSI’s defense that he landed a legitimate hook, Fournier has lodged an appeal. The boxing commission is set to decide on the matter after a period of deliberation on Friday, May 19.

It is widely recognized that boxing strictly prohibits the use of any body part other than one’s gloves. But various combat sports such as Muay Thai, permit combatants to use kicks, elbows, and grappling techniques.

This distinction has led to some viewers playfully suggesting that KSI should consider transitioning to MMA. People suggested he follow in the footsteps of Jake Paul, who recently signed with the PFL.

Despite the lighthearted banter and recommendations from fans, KSI remains resolute in his decision to stay within the realm of boxing. In a video released on May 16, he responded to his most recent victory.

The YouTube star humorously entertained the idea of venturing into MMA, considering his knockout with the forearm and elbow. But he quickly clarified that he had no intention of pursuing MMA, citing the challenges and demands faced by competitors in the octagon.

KSI laughed and said: “I mean, f**k me, if I’m knocking people out with my forearm and my elbow, maybe I should be getting into MMA. Maybe I’m in the wrong sport!”

He then went on to clarify: “Nah, I’m kidding. I wouldn’t go nowhere near MMA, man. I have seen what those guys gotta do and deal with, and I am good.”

While KSI had been playing with the idea of retirement from boxing initially this year, recent developments have ignited speculation about a long-anticipated showdown with Jake Paul. Following comments made during an interview with Ariel Helwani on ‘The MMA Hour’, it appears increasingly likely that KSI and Jake Paul might face off in early 2024.