Celeb Boxer KSI laughs off One Direction singer Liam Payne’s fight callout

One Direction singer Liam Payne has been teasing that he could end up boxing YouTuber KSI. KSI is unbeaten in the boxing ring, having defeated Logan Paul and Joe Weller.

This week, Payne said on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast that he wants to fight in a boxing bout against another celebrity. KSI was mentioned, along with Justin Bieber and Trippie Redd. Another name in the mix is Tik Tok artist Bryce Hall.

Despite his concerns about their weight disparity, Payne said that if the opportunity occurred, he would be pleased to have a match with KSI. Payne and KSI are both recognized for their musical abilities. Payne rose to stardom as a member of the boyband One Direction and then as a solo artist.

KSI, on the other hand, has three boxing matches under his belt. He hysterically laughed upon viewing a tape of Payne proposing the fight in a response video on his YouTube channel. KSI then responded that it would be a massive mismatch.

He said, “You don’t want to fight me. You know what? You should fight Bryce. If you can knock out Bryce Hall, then alright, maybe you can attempt to talk to me. He wouldn’t have a chance.”

On the podcast, Payne remarked, “I love boxing as a sport and I think it’s fantastic. I would just enjoy the challenge and the road up to it would be great.”

“Yeah I would fight KSI he would have to come down a few weight slots. But yeah I’d fight him. I like him too much though.”

“I will fight whoever you want. But I don’t think Justin Bieber would do it. For the same reason I wouldn’t fight Trippie Redd, I don’t think he is on my level. But if he did want to do it I would.”

Since the podcast was released this week, Bryce Hall has been pushing for the fight. Last summer, the Tik Tok singer was stopped in his only boxing match against Austin McBroom.

Bryce has been looking for a rematch ever since. He pledged to come back this year, and if Payne becomes available, that will almost certainly be a huge pay-per-view attraction.