KSI forced to replace boxing opponent due to White Power tattoo

Famous YouTuber turned celebrity boxer KSI has been forced to cancel the boxing bout against Ivan Nikolov.

Nikolov is set to be replaced by the professional boxer Luis Pineda who is half his age. KSI will still box against two opponents on August 27th. First being a replacement for Alex Wassabi, rapper Swarmz and the other being the professional boxer – Luis Alvarez Pineda.

It makes sense that KSI wouldn’t want a racially insensitive person to profit financially from his event.

Nikolov was the target of criticism in the past due to the controversial ‘White power’ tattoo on his stomach which he’s reportedly covered since.

Despite being a professional boxer, Nikolov’s record of three victories, 16 defeats, and three ties is quite unimpressive. He is 43 years old and is 5 feet, 8.5 inches tall, whereas KSI is the taller less experienced albeit much younger opponent.

KSI had not boxed in an event for more than 1000 days. KSI  previously faced fellow YouTuber Logan Paul last time when he defeated Paul by a split decision.

KSI explained the situation:

“He hasn’t lost as many times as Ivan [Nikolov], He’s Mexican and he’s younger as well.”

“I know a lot of people were having a go at me because the other guy was in his forties.”

Even though Nikolov had tried to cover up the tattoo it was too little too late.

KSI was previously criticized for replacing an opponent similar in skill level with one that was a complete newbie in Swarmz – which prompted him to tap a pro boxing replacement.