KSI and “idiot” Jake Paul agree on new deal for boxing bout

KSI was taken by surprised when “idiot” Jake Paul accepted his demands as the two came to a new boxing agreement.

YouTube star KSI has made a comeback to the realm of influencer boxing in an effort to put an end to his feud with longtime rival Jake Paul. Since starting his training again, KSI has defeated Swarmz, Luis Pineda, and FaZe Temperrr. He has already said he is interested in negotiating a contract to hold the match against Jake Paul this year.

KSI and Paul were pursuing a winner-takes-all matchup at Wembley Stadium. However, it seems that public conversations increased on Sunday as Paul insisted he would comply to KSI’s earlier demands.

Paul tweeted: “I will agree to fight KSI at 180 pounds plus his request for a 10 pound rehydration clause. BUT it has to be 100% winner takes all like he requested. ZERO to the loser. ZERO.”

KSI responded by writing: “So you gave into my demands and now want to give me more money too? You got yourself a deal idiot.” KSI is expected to compete once before he fights against Jake Paul. Tyron Woodley and Joe Fournier have been strongly rumoured as potential opponents.

Paul then said: “Yeah I gave into your ‘demands’ to try and give you an advantage for you to actually agree to fight me. Again ZERO to the loser. Not you, not your fake a** promotion.”

Since Paul’s elder brother Logan was beaten by KSI over the course of a two-fight series, Jake Paul and KSI have been bitter enemies for a very long time.

Prior to his recent victory against FaZe Temperrr, KSI had made clear the demands he wanted to make for the signing of their influencer boxing match. He said: “Weight-wise, I’d love it to be 176lb, 177lb, but 180lb sounds perfectly fair. Maybe even slap a rehydration clause – I know he’d want that!”

“It has to be in the UK, I think I’m definitely the A-Side, I walk second. Ring size, I think it should be a nice 20-foot ring and I think that’s it that’s on my mind. I’m sure there’s other things money-wise that Mams [Taylor, KSI’s manager] and Nakisa [Bidarian, Paul’s manager] can deal with. 50-50 seems fair. I don’t think it should be 60-40 in anyone’s favour or anything. 50-50 makes sense.”