KSI and Dillon Danis agree to settle the score outside Misfits Boxing event – if their bout leads to a draw

On January 14 at the OVO Wembley Arena, YouTube sensation KSI will face off against longtime foe Dillon Danis.

In August, KSI made a comeback to the ring and defeated rapper Swarmz and professional boxer Luis Pineda in one night.

In a furious altercation at the most recent Misfits Boxing event, Danis slapped the hat from KSI’s head and then threw coffee all over the place, signaling the high level of tension between the two. Following a series of tense verbal exchanges, KSI and the American celebrity have now decided to place a new wager.

When the question of what would happen if the match finishes in a tie was put to the participants, Danis said: “If the fight ends in a draw, me and him are going to go outside the arena and settle the scores in the car park. How about that?”

KSI yelled in response: “I’m down.” Danis then said, “I’m going to take your a*** down and give you a wedgie.”

Danis’ selection as KSI’s forthcoming opponent has drawn criticism since the former UFC champion Tyron Woodley and unbeaten boxer Joe Fournier were all viable alternatives.

KSI told in a YouTube video

, “Danis is coming to my hometown. I know you lot will not be happy until I fight Jake Paul. If I was to fight Woodley you guys would have said ‘Jake’s already done that, that’s old news’. ‘ Woodley hasn’t won since 2018 no-one wants to see that.’ Alright let me fight Joe Fournier. ‘ No we don’t want Joe Fournier, I don’t care if he is 9-0.”

“‘Have you seen the people he fights, they are trash cans, also he is inactive we want someone who is active for you to fight’. Alright s*** then let me fight Floyd Mayweather. ‘We don’t even want that, Logan and Deji have already done that. Besides Mayweather is old as f***, he basically weighs half of you, no-one wants to see that’. You guys will just not be happy until I fight Jake Paul.”