Khamzat Chimaev reportedly detained in Russia, Passport confiscated

Khamzat Chimaev is one of the athletes that has been firmly in the pro war column but that might all change considering his own brush with autocracy.

Brazilian combat sports outlet Combate  was the first to report that Chimaev’s scheduled visit to Brazil might be off due to issues with his passport. As per the source:

“Chimaev had his passport arrested in St. Petersburg, where he disembarked before heading to Chechnya, when he was going to visit his family, and so he could no longer leave the country.”

Chimaev was indeed spotted on social media in the Akhmat MMA facilities alongside one of the sons of Chechen dictator.

According to same source Allstar Sweden  is trying to get the government of Sweden, where he currently lives and trains, to bring him back to the country.

Chimaev likely has dual citizenship.

As per the report Chimaev will have to cancel his trip to Brazil. He would disembark this week in Rio de Janeiro to attend the premiere of the film “O Belta Preta – A Verdadeira História de Fernando Tererê”, scheduled for the 6th.<

While it might seem like a peculiar choice for a trip, Chimaev did say he was more Brazilian than Gilbert Burns (an actual Brazilian) citing he was from the Cantagalo favela.

Chimaev’s bjj coach is Alan Finfou of Chekmat fame. Finfou only took up jiu-jitsu at the suggestion of Fernando Tererê

Nobody close to the situation made any public statements as of right now.

Chimaev is only a purple belt – he was promoted to the rank after making it through his clash with Gilbert Burns. It’s interesting to note that in lead up to Burns match he was quoted saying he was ‘more Brazilian’ than Burns.

Chimaev also avoided ground exchanges with Burns like his life depended on it – because well it probably did. Gilbert Burns is one of the rare modern bjj competitors that are dominant in UFC as well. Burns holds notable wins over Kron Gracie and many other contemporary bjj aces.

Chimaev’s coach noted that he is exposing the false black belts after his fourth consecutive victory against a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a jibe directed at Kevin Holland. Kevin Holland was awarded his BJJ black belt in June of 2020 under Travis Lutter, a decorated grappler, and former UFC middleweight contender.

He said on Blockasset:
“I’m making Khamzat expose all the fake black belts in Brazilian jiu jitsu that are in the MMA scenario. Why? Because nowadays, people just get belts like they go to McDonalds.”

” They don’t do the job. He just got this purple belt. How many black belts in his career has he finished? So that shows, that’s about it. I’m using him to expose many guys.”