Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Hilarious Coaching Moment: “Go Home If Controlled Like This”

Khabib Nurmagomedov is the former UFC lightweight champion and undefeated MMA legend. He is not only known for his exceptional skills but also for his coaching prowess. In a recent viral clip on social media, Khabib demonstrated a unique blend of humor and discipline during a coaching session with one of his athletes.

The footage captures Khabib practicing with a student and humorously advising him on the importance of not allowing his opponent to control his wrist. With a lighthearted yet stern tone, Khabib jokingly tells the athlete that if someone manages to control his wrist in a certain way, he should “go home and never come out.”

“If I control this, you cannot give your opponent this one. This is very bad. If someone takes your wrist with one arm like this, you have to go home and never come out. You understand that? This is very bad. Never give this to your opponent,” Khabib amusingly remarks.

The clip quickly gained traction on social media, with fans appreciating Khabib’s coaching style, which combines serious training advice with a humorous touch. The UFC veteran’s ability to balance discipline with lighthearted moments showcases a unique approach to coaching that resonates with both athletes and fans.

Social media users flooded the comment section with reactions to Khabib’s coaching moment:

“Go home and never come back lmao.”
“Bro said go home.”
“You have to go home and never come back.”
“Bro straight up said ‘Give up on your dreams and die.'”

While fans continue to enjoy Khabib’s coaching snippets, the likelihood of the 35-year-old returning to the UFC octagon remains slim. Despite persistent queries about a potential comeback, Khabib consistently emphasizes his retirement from professional fighting, focusing on his coaching role and contributing to the success of Dagestani athletes.