Khabib goes viral after sharing Eagle misinformation, sparking speculation among fans about his potential unretirement

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s recent share of a video depicting a (made up) eagle’s life story has stirred up UFC fans’ imaginations, prompting speculation about a potential comeback despite his retirement in 2020.

The video, which presents a hoax narrative about eagles, has garnered significant attention online, surpassing other content from Nurmagomedov in terms of engagement.

In the video, the narrator spins a tale about eagles, claiming that they can live up to 70 years and undergo a transformative process after 40 years of age.

According to the narrative, at this stage, eagles face physical challenges such as dull claws and a bent beak. Allegedly, the eagle must endure a grueling journey involving self-inflicted injury to rejuvenate itself, ultimately emerging stronger and fearless.

While the story presented in the video is entirely fabricated and contradicts scientific knowledge about eagles, it has captured the fascination of many UFC fans.

Nurmagomedov, known by his nickname “The Eagle,” retired relatively young and relatively unscathed by MMA standards, leading some fans to ponder the possibility of his return to the octagon.

Despite criticisms and debunking by experts, the video continues to circulate widely on social media platforms, with fans expressing a mix of amusement and skepticism. Some users have humorously commented on the inaccuracies of the story, while others have interpreted it as a metaphor for resilience and transformation.

The flurry of reactions to Khabib’s post reflects the enduring popularity of the retired UFC champion and the eagerness of fans to see him back in action. While the video may be fictional, its impact on fans’ hopes and speculations regarding Khabib’s future in the sport is undeniable.