Kevin Holland brought to tears by Dana White’s ‘Retirement’ gift

You wouldn’t guess it by looking at UFC’s official shoe but Dana White is actully a shoe connoisseur.

He shares this hobby with plenty of athletes including two that were featured on UFC 279 – Nate Diaz and Kevin Holland.


Holland announced his career was over after losing to Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279. Holland seems to have just announced his retirement from mixed martial arts while already planning his new line of work.

Many fans were astonished by his early retirement, including UFC President Dana White. White was informed about the situation quickly. He advised Holland to return to the gym since his emotions got the better of him.

Dana claims that Kevin’s choice was prompted by his severe defeats against powerful wrestlers. Kevin is a prideful fighter, so Holland’s reaction to how he lost against Khamzat Chimaev played an important role in his retirement announcement.

Those comments about Holland’s retirement were the only ones White made. However, it turned out that the UFC president would give the middleweight fighter a present soon after.

Kevin and Dana are both avid shoe collectors. Dana previously mentioned how often he and Holland purchase shoes for one another.

Holland received get a brand-new pair of handcrafted shoes from “The Shoe Surgeon” as a surprise from White. The customs made Holland go completely crazy.

In a video, Holland said: “Goddamn you Dana! I’m gonna f*cking cry!”


Dana White and Kevin didn’t get along at all when they first met, but things have improved greatly, and they now enjoy a wonderful relationship.

Dana adores Holland’s willingness to engage in combat at any time. Additionally, Kevin is  very fan-friendly in the cage. Therefore, it seems sensible that Dana would want Kevin to stay.

For the time being, Holland may be retiring. But with this gift, who knows? After getting this great surprise from Dana White, Kevin Holland could still have some more left in him. Holland has had a pretty solid run with a record of 23-8.