Kell Brook’s trainer says glass of sweat he drank tasted ‘Fantastic’

Previously, A ridiculous act (or rather disgusting) was showcased by Kell Brook’s trainer Dominic Ingle. The founder of Ingle Gym drank Kell Brook’s sweat for an obscure reason.

Kell Brook was training hard for a fight against his longtime rival Amir Khan this weekend. Ingle approached him  and called him  over to have a talk. Ingle then asked Brook to take off his shirt to show the audience how much sweat he produced training.

Dominic Ingle had a pint glass ready and ordered Brook to squeeze his soaked shirt and pour the sweat into the glass. His first intention was probably to show how hard Kell Brook’s training was in preparation for his upcoming fight. However, it ended up being more than that.

The two were just joking around saying that they will sell the sweat on eBay. Brook then jokingly asked Ingle to drink that sweat. Surprisingly, Dominic Ingle didn’t hesitate and actually downed the sweat. This nasty and weird act left boxing fans feeling sick.

The video of the bizarre act was uploaded by the Sky Sports official account itself to social media.

During the pre-fight press conference, Amir Khan asked Dominic Ingle about the taste of Broo’s sweat.

“What did the sweat taste like?” Khan asked. Ingle simply answered “Do you know what? It tastes fantastic.”

Khan also joked that Ingle is going to drink another of Brook’s bodily fluids. “Listen, I heard that you’re going to drink his p*ss! I wouldn’t even drink my own sweat. That’s dirty! That’s dirty!” Amir Khan said repeatedly while Ingle was trying to justify his action.