Kamaru Usman was dumped by some of his sponsors after KO loss to Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards became a Worldwide hot topic when he delivered a round 5 KO over longtime welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. Usman was left frozen on the canvas, knocked out cold and was later pictured on the PPV stream asking his coach Trevor Wittman what happened while seated on a stool in his corner.

Usman struggled in round one – but then recovered to dominate the next three rounds before that fateful kick in round 5 with just over a minute left on the clock.

Joe Rogan recently had an interesting guest on the MMA version of his podcast – videographer Will Harris. Harris’ biggest claim to fame was going to Dagestan to trail Khabib Nurmagomedov along with filming that infamous McGregor dolly attack incident during the preamble to UFC 229.

“what Kamaru said on this podcast that went so viral about it was a relief. Because every single day he woke up, it was this streak, this Anderson Silva streak. It was this pound-for-pound number one. The champion, everyone gunning for you. I think me being able to talk to him every day, I see the pressures that he have.” Harris revealed to Rogan adding that Usman actually lost a sponsorship due to that knock out.

” I don’t know if you want me to say this, but even like some of the sponsors are not around no more. It’s just crazy. He’s still the number four pound-for-pound ”

Rogan reiterated that this was pretty radical move on the sponsor’s behalf using an NBA metaphor to explain it:

“All those sponsors can go f*ck themselves. If you would drop Kamaru Usman because of one kick knock out in a sport where… that’s like dropping like LeBron, if someone dunked on him! Like no, it’s over. Yeah, what are you talking about? Like this is what the sport is. That is the consequences in that those consequences are available even to the greatest champions.”