Kamaru Usman Reacts To Being Called a CEO of EPO

In a video that surfaced on the internet, Kamaru Usman talks about the nickname ‘CEO of EPO’ that he got from Colby Covington. While Usman appears to have a clear record testing wise – he’s always been a suspect when it comes to PED use – mainly due to prominent face and back acne.


Kamaru Usman just got awarded a jacked for 50x clean tests under the USADA program and becoming the first UFC athlete to reach that mark fighting his entire UFC career under the USADA program.

While many take this accolade as a fact – some internet commenters pointed out that Alistair Overeem used to have a t-shirt that said drug free.

Meanwhile a different commenter pointed out that he looks forward to more professions adapting the USADA approach:

 I look forward to a cop one day pulling me over and awarding me a I didn’t catch you speeding baseball cap.


Prior to UFC 268 his rival Colby Covington said that he doesn’t believe that Usman is clean from drgs. Colby also added that Usman’s brother, who was a Doctor of Pharmacy, has helped him to pass the tests just like Barry Bonds, a former MLB player.


“My immediate reaction is that he is ahead of the curve. He has a brother for a doctor, and they’re able to mask the drugs in his system. Everybody knows Barry Bonds was doing steroids his whole career, but he never got caught because he was ahead of the curve. It is the same thing for Marty,” Said Colby to BT Sport.


Colby also added that Usman is a cheater and said that Usman has a lot of injection marks on his belly.


“You can look on his stomach and see all the injection marks, you can see all the acne breaking out on his back, breaking out on his face. You can’t tell me you have a chemical imbalance on your body when you’re 35-years old. He is a cheater, he is the ‘Marty Juiceman’, and he is the CEO of EPO.” said Colby.


The welterweight champion laughed off the accusation. In a video that he uploaded to his Instagram account, Usman was seen joking around with the funny nickname. “You see this, CEO of EPO, you know what I’m saying?” said Usman.


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