Kamaru Usman criticizes McGregor over low blow targeting his daughter

Conor McGregor criticized Kamaru Usman for bringing his daughter to UFC 278. Kamaru Usman said that Conor missed the mark with his comments during his interview on The Joe Rogan Experience.

A video of Usman’s daughter Samirah sobbing in misery after seeing her father be knocked out broke everyone’s hearts as the excitement of Leon Edwards’ decisive win subsided.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor condemned the decision to bring her to the event.

He tweeted:

“I feel this deep. I do not suggest bringing family whatsoever. Especially the children. This is different fighting. I’ve done both sides of this and feel going to the mission solo is best. You can see family again post battle. Will undoubtedly go on in similar manner moving ahead.”

After losing, Kamaru Usman criticized Conor McGregor’s remarks. He said the Irishman misrepresented the circumstances. Usman insisted that Samirah needed to experience both the highs and lows of her father’s life in order to draw valuable lessons from them.

“When my daughter was crying, that one, it got to me. I didn’t like seeing that. And then, Conor tweeted something and it was kinda blasting me about for like bringing her to the fight. Like he tweeted some mean things, and it was like how low of people sometimes.”

He added:

“I’m in a weird place like I’m trying to teach her. She has work ethic, but its kinda like,’Uhh! I don’t wanna do that today. I wanna quit.’ And I’m trying to teach her the best way I can without forcing her… But I’m not only gonna bring her because daddy’s victorious.”

“I am blessed right now with an opportunity to show my daughter that look how you can fall down, and look how you can get back up. And to see someone like Conor who does actually have children to say something like that, you’re missing the mark big-time bro.”