Joshua Fabia claims UFC Moved “Scared” Matt Serra Out Of Hotel after infamous video

The controversial MMA ‘guru’ Joshua Fabia claimed that the UFC escorted Matt Serra out of the hotel because Serra was so scared after an encounter between the two.

Joshua Fabia is well known as a polarizing figure and former coach of UFC veteran Diego Sanchez. He also founded the School of Self Awareness. Back in 2020, Joshua Fabia had well documented feud with former welterweight UFC champion Matt Serra.

Fabia was in Abu Dhabi ahead of UFC 253 event where Diego Shancez was booked to face Jake Matthews.

“When it was brought up in the interview and they asked you about me, you were able to see my name. You know that they are talking about me. You’re actually saying on a camera, like, you’re disdained with me so much that you can’t even say my name, bro. That’s kind of cold.” Fabia said during his confrontation. Fabia is of course addressing Diego Sanchez’ UFC Unfiltered podcast episode during which Sanchez revealed how he met Fabia. At the time podcast was recorded Fabia was already the brunt of the joke considering Joe Rogan had Aljamain Sterling on and the two had a big laugh at Fabia’s coaching methodology.

Recently, Fabia shared his side of the incident with Matt Serra. Fabia claimed the video footage that got spread online was edited. He believes the UFC has manipulated the footage in order to make him look bad.

“Let’s go to the facts. You watch the video, there’s not one piece of that video (that is) out without it being controlled and directed, meaning they’re not letting you hear the full conversation, they’re not showing you unedited footage. They’ve gotta roll subtitles and roll over the sound, and tell you what’s going on. Well, that’s interesting.” Fabia said.

Joshua Fabia also claimed that both Serra and Thomas were scared during his confrontation. He said the UFC moved them both out of the hotel so they won’t encounter him again.

“It’s laughable in my world. Nobody came to save Matt Serra, Matt Serra didn’t stand up and wanna do something, and six foot something Din Thomas didn’t do sh*t but hold the f*cking phone. I’m quite aware of who was scared there, I’m quite aware of who got punked out there. I get very aware of who got punked out when Matt Serra gets moved to a different hotel and we never see him again. That’s the truth of that.” Fabia said.