Jorge Masvidal blasts swimmer Lia Thomas: Girls should compete against girls

Masvidal may have just lost a grudge match against Colby Covington but he’s definitely come out of it gloating. He was spotted boasting about his knock down power shot that wobbled Colby – prior to instigating a real life altercation with Covington.

Prior to the Miami outing, Masvidal was talking about a particularly hot topic in the world of sports, the case of swimmer Lia Thomas who competes against biological female athletes in spite of not being one.

The fact that Thomas was able to compete and win the 500m freestyle race caused quite the controversy. Most people with a background in sports condemned the NCAA for their rules with some even personally questioning Thomas. One of them is the BMF champion Jorge Masvidal.

Jorge Masvidal took to his Twitter account to share his confusion.

“What sport is left that is still biological girls vs biological girls? Want to put my daughter in a sport that is still fair to her.” Jorge Masvidal wrote.

This is not the first time Jorge Masvidal gave his opinion on the subject. A month ago, he also addressed Lia Thomas during his live stream.

Masvidal had a live Q&A session on his Rumble show and he touched on the topic of Lia Thomas and other transgender women in sports.

 “It’s such a no-brainer right? It’s not fair. It’s just not. Men should compete against men. If you don’t want to compete against men, it’s not fair to go and compete against women… I’m not trying to diss girls but it’s just different you know. Girls should compete against girls.”


Another athlete who thinks it’s unfair is Masvidal’s longtime rival, Ben Askren. Askren also took to his Twitter account to slam Lia Thomas’ supporters.

“If you think Biological males should compete in [the] female division then you don’t understand sports!” Askren wrote.

Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal got into a heated rivalry back in 2019 that made Masvidal into the star he is today. Masvidal landed a flying knee and knocked out Askren in just 5 seconds. Thanks to that, Masvidal became a UFCsuper star and is one of the highest paid athletes in the UFC.