Jorge Masvidal got paid $5M to face Usman on short notice at UFC 251

In a recent interview, retired UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal revealed that he earned a staggering $5 million for stepping in on short notice to face Kamaru Usman at UFC 251. Masvidal, known for his versatility and ability to adapt to any situation, was called upon by the UFC just six days before to replace an original opponent who had contracted COVID-19.

Recalling the circumstances leading up to the fight, Masvidal explained, “And six days before the fight, the other route that they went with catches Corona. And now the UFC calls me and they need somebody that could fill in on six-day notice, fly across the world, and cut 20 pounds of water in these six days and fight for a world title.”

Masvidal, confident in his ability to rise to the challenge, made it clear to the UFC that he would need to be compensated handsomely for taking on such a daunting task. “I had to get paid and I had to get paid very fucking handsomely for doing this,” he stated.

The UFC ultimately agreed to meet Masvidal’s demands, which resulted in him earning a significant payday. When asked if the $5 million figure was the most he had ever made from a fight, Masvidal confirmed, “Yeah, that’s one of them. That’s one of the fights that I made the most money period, you know, because we ended up selling like right under 1.3 million pay-per-views.”

Masvidal acknowledged that he would not have earned nearly as much if he had not negotiated a favorable deal with the UFC. “If I hadn’t struck that deal with the UFC, I wouldn’t have gotten nowhere near 5 million. I would have sold the same amount and gotten nowhere, nowhere near 5 million.”

While Masvidal’s business side was satisfied with the outcome, he expressed disappointment that he did not emerge victorious and claim the world title belt. “But the guy that always wanted that world title belt wasn’t, you know,” he lamented.

Despite the loss, Masvidal’s ability to adapt and capitalize on an unexpected opportunity showcases his determination and resourcefulness. His transparency about his payday serves as a reminder of the importance of fair compensation for athletes like himself who put their bodies on the line in the octagon.