Jorge Masvidal gets real about UFC pay telling Jake Paul: UFC pays guys at the beginning great

The issue of paying competitors has been quite controversial in the UFC, generating ongoing discussions among fans. Recently, Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal shared their thoughts on the matter. While criticisms regarding the promotion’s treatment of athletes persist, Masvidal provides insights into why meeting everyone’s expectations may not be feasible.

The two combat sports icons have had an odd relationship for years. But now it seems like they’ve patched things up. Initially, Masvidal assisted the YouTube star in his preparations for the bout against Ben Askren. However, a verbal feud emerged between them at a later stage. Fortunately, it appears that the animosity has now been put to rest.

Both Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal recently addressed the issue of payment of competitors in MMA on Jake Paul’s podcast on his YouTube channel. Masvidal acknowledges the need for competitors to earn more but understands the complexities involved. Masvidal recognizes that Dana White must make decisions that align with the interests of the company.

He said: “I know Dana’s running a business and he’s a great businessman so can he give out the cheques that we want as fighters? That’s like a business decision. [I’ve advocated for] more money for the fighters because it’s a fu**ing tough job. You shouldn’t be in the top 10 having to fu**ing work at Walmart or something.”

Masvidal went on to add: “[Compared to boxing] UFC pays guys at the beginning great… [But] in the beginning, you just can’t pay the guys too much because you don’t know who’s worth that.”

Jake Paul then shared his sentiments and raised concerns about the distribution of revenue within the UFC. With the company’s valuation now reaching $10 billion, Paul questions why competitors receive only a small percentage of this amount, with a significant portion allocated to top stars like Conor McGregor.

Paul stated: “My problem and I think a lot of people’s problem comes from when the company is now valued at $10 billion and fighters are only getting 12, 13, 14, 15% of that and 5% of that is Conor McGregor… Just pay fighters more and maybe cover the health care.”

As the pinnacle of mixed martial arts, the UFC faces its fair share of challenges. The remarks made by Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal shed light on the discontent among many combatants regarding their pay.

A prominent example of this issue is Paulo Costa, who has competed for a UFC middleweight title and consistently delivered impressive performances. He also maintains a high rank in the division. Costa recently competed for a meager purse of $60,000, with an additional $60,000 win bonus.