Jorge Masvidal almost went to jail for bathroom scrap in China

Former UFC competitor Jorge Masvidal recently shared an extraordinary incident from his time abroad. Before stepping away from competitive sports, Masvidal held immense popularity and gained fame for his off-the-octagon scuffles.

During an interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Masvidal narrated a hair-raising story about an encounter he had with three individuals in a public bathroom in China a few years back. The former BMF champion revealed that he was almost mugged for his chain.

Masvidal explained: “I was actually in China… Some three random European guys. I was in the bathroom, I had a nice chain on at the time, and I was waiting in line to wash my hands. These guys are behind me, and somebody picks up my chain with their fingers… You can’t do that.”

Masvidal went on to describe how he swiftly knocked the three assailants in the ensuing brawl, saying: “So I was like, I know what’s going happen next… So when I turned around, the guy got in my face, and then yeah, it was like a sleeping bomb went off in there…[Knocked] the f*** out, him and his two buddies… They rushed me. The one dude got in my face… Boom. Down. His friends come rushing at me, what am I going to do? All in a bathroom.”

During the same interview, Jorge Masvidal also shared his thoughts on the upcoming boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz.

Paul is scheduled to square off against the Stockton native at the American Airlines Center in Texas on August 5. This will mark the former UFC combatant’s debut in professional boxing. Fans are eagerly anticipating the clash between these two rivals over the course of eight rounds.

When asked to comment on the highly-anticipated matchup, Jorge Masvidal surprisingly adopted a neutral stance despite his previous encounters with Diaz inside the octagon. Masvidal highlighted the advantages that both combatants possess as they enter the boxing ring and stated:

“There’s a lot of advantages that Jake has going into the fight. All that being said, Nate is Nate. I can see him making this a dog fight, taking it to the later rounds… Nate’s not the best athlete, but [Jake] has never met a competitor like that… If he doesn’t knockout Nate, Nate’s going to find a way to get in his face… I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy won or that guy won.”