Jon Jones roasts Sean Strickland for challenging Navy seals

In a recent Instagram comment, UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones expressed his dissatisfaction with Sean Strickland’s controversial remarks about Navy SEAL training.

In a previous viral rant, Strickland dismissed the toughness of Navy SEALs. He boldly claimed that none of them could endure a week of MMA training with him.

In his explicit rant, Strickland challenged the very essence of Navy SEAL training. He asserted: “I don’t think there’s one f—– Navy Seal who could survive a week training with me, I’m kind of sick of seeing it, cause you guys think you’re bad—, come train with me for a week, I’ll show you what’s up, I’ll f—– break you.”

This audacious statement triggered a response from a current Navy SEAL, defending the honor and toughness of their training. The SEAL acknowledged Strickland’s intense regimen but highlighted the distinction that their training doesn’t result in fatalities each year.

He said: “Your training is absolutely brutal man we get it, but your training doesn’t kill dudes every single year and that’s the world that we live in.”

The Navy SEAL advised him to remain in the Octagon and focus on his next purse while the SEALs continued their commitment to defending freedom.

“My best advice to you Sean is to stay in the Octagon and keep fighting for that next purse and us seals will keep fighting for your freedom”


UFC heavyweight Jon Jones is a close friend of former Navy SEAL turned self-help guru David Goggins. He expressed his embarrassment at Strickland’s controversial remarks.

Jones stated: “I’m actually embarrassed to be an MMA fighter right now, what a dumb thing for Sean to say.”

Despite facing criticism for his bold statements, Strickland appears to be doubling down on his perspective. He refuses to back away from the controversy he ignited.

Strickland said:

“I made a navy seal upset, he said “we protect your freedom”

I’m very pro military but anti government

But to say “I protect your freedom”

Yall need a history lesson on the federal government. Google Snowden and the constitution. The sand people aren’t taking away my freedoms”

The story continues as Strickland remains unapologetic, leaving the MMA community and fans in anticipation of how this narrative will unfold in the coming days.