Jon Jones Gloats Following Chael Sonnen Legal Trouble

Chael Sonnen received 5 battery citations after allegedly getting in a brawl at a Las Vegas Hotel .TMZ was the first to report on the brawl.

Sources in the Las Vegas police told TMZ that 44 year old fighter turned youtube personality was detained but not arrested because cops didn’t witness the incident.

Sonnen was given 5 misdemeanor battery citations – and the police are still investigating.

But Jon Jones is overly excited about this news having recently dodged the hammer of the law in spite of troubling reports about his bloodied fiance and scared children. He was most likely excited because when Jones was arrested Sonnen called him a sociopath. Here’s what Sonnen had to say about Jones following the arrest:

“Jon says how dare you arrest me on the biggest night of my life, I was just inducted into the hall of fame. There is a lot on that. You were talking about a narcissist to the highest degree. And it is very rare in life that you’re going to meet an actual sociopath.

You’ll hear that term throughout he’s a sociopath you’ll hear those terms but an actual sociopath by definition it’s very very rare that you will ever actually meet one. So Jon is now in custody and he also then decides to make a statement to the police something along the lines of I would be very curious if you took these cuffs off and you all fought me at the same time if I could beat all of you he then headbutts the car when he headbutts the car it leaves again a quote from the article a medium sized dent and chips to paint.”

Jones accepted a plea deal recently and more or less came out unscathed.

Jones was originally charged with felony tampering with a vehicle and misdemeanor domestic battery. The domestic battery charge was dropped, and Jones pleaded nolo contendere to destroying the property of another. Nolo contendere is a plea where a defendant accepts a conviction, but does not admit guilt.

Jones writes:
Chael Sonnen, I’m not gonna sit here and celebrate you getting battery charges against a female last night. That would make me like you, and I’m nothing like you. Instead I will wish your family well, I wish the victims family well

He followed that up with:
It’s funny how the people who criticize and judge you the most have some of the nastiest things in their closet. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. You’ll get no stones from me. Good luck


The two also fought in the cage ack in the day but Jones came out victorious.