Jon Jones argues Anderson Silva is the Greatest of All Time

Jon Jones found himself on a troubled path after an incident that took place in Las Vegas the week of his UFC Hall of Fame induction. As a result of the incident, Jones was ousted from his longtime gym Jackson Wink and was left by his longtime partner.

Jones opted to seek out guidance of Henry Cejudo, who is fast becoming one of the most respected coaches out there. While Cejudo was an accomplished competitor, nobody’s really taken him entirely seriously due to the fact he competes in smaller men divisions that have never gotten anywhere near the respect that heavyweight gets.

MMA greatest of all time discussion is a heated debate due to the fact that there were many different eras, where levels of competitors greatly diverged not to mention there was no PED control so plenty of men abused what they could to gain an advantage.

Jones has tested positive twice for PEDs, and has lingering issues to date with his ‘pulsing’ turinabol. This is why many argue that Jon Jones is not the greatest of all time even despite being the youngest UFC champion in history and maintaining his dominance for a decade.

But Jones would assign the top spot on his MMA mount Rushmore to another man – Anderson Silva.

Jones recently made an appearance on Cejudo’s channel and the two had a lively discussion centered on who the greatest of all time in the sport is.

While Jones offered Silva, Cejudo disputed his take:

“But to say he’s full on MMA, because he has no wrestling and no wrestling defense, to me, in my eyes… you know”

Jones went on to ask Cejudo if he ranked himself ahead of Mighty Mouse:

” I put myself in I put myself in fifth, you know, you, Demetrius Johnson, Anderson Silva, GSP and then myself…” – Cejudo explained he ranks himself fifth because he was two division UFC champion for a time.