Joe Rogan: “When I go to target I don’t want to see F***ing tuck pants”

In recent times, the increasing visibility of LGBTQ+ content has sparked debates and raised concerns among Americans. Prominent figures like UFC commentator Joe Rogan have expressed their thoughts, capturing the sentiments of many.

Joe Rogan recently shared his perspective on the widespread presence of LGBTQ+ content. Rogan voiced the frustration felt by many Americans, stating: “People are going ‘ENOUGH, ENOUGH.’ Stop shoving this down everybody’s throat. When I go to Target I don’t want to see like f**king tuck pants, like they’re designed to help you tuck your d**k…That’s not normal, I don’t want that right in front of everybody. It’s weird.”

Target recently faced significant financial losses due to its foray into pride marketing. Rogan said: “Target lost billions of dollars because they tried to have this pride selection. They had all these like pride children’s shirts.”

Rogan highlighted the repercussions, citing the Bud Light campaign featuring Dylan Mulvaney. The incident reportedly cost the company over $20 billion. He said: “This Bud Light thing with Dylan Mulvaney, they’ve lost $20+ billion.”

“Can you imagine you’re just gonna send a f**king can to a confused person that ‘Day 365 of womanhood’ and you send that person a f**king can with their face on it and your company loses $20 billion?”

The consequences of ill-conceived marketing strategies can be severe. Such attempts at inclusivity are perceived as inauthentic or forced and can lead to substantial financial setbacks for companies.

Rogan noted that we are witnessing unprecedented shifts in societal norms surrounding sexuality and gender. He stated: “That is wild s**t man. So we’re seeing that now where we never saw that before. There’s a lot of f**king real weirdness with this group of people that’s trying to change the way people view sexuality and gender.”

Theo Von was a guest on Rogan’s show. He proposed the development of an app that informs consumers about a company’s investments, enabling them to avoid businesses that support causes they personally disagree with.

Recent reports indicate that Target’s value has plummeted by an estimated $10 billion following the pride/tuck swimsuit scandal last month.