Joe Rogan was stunned to learn about Canada’s new regulations for podcasts making over $10M

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is renowned in the MMA community for his unparalleled expertise in combat sports. Beyond the realm of MMA, he has etched his mark in the podcasting sphere with the inception of his podcast “Joe Rogan Experience” in 2009.

Recently, Rogan engaged in a conversation with fellow comedian Francis Foster regarding Canada’s regulation of podcasts.

Foster divulged details about an upcoming bill from the Canadian government. According to him, any podcast, streamer, or platform generating over $10 million in revenue must register with the Canadian authorities. Subsequently, they are required to furnish information about their content and their audience.

Foster said: “Every podcast, streamer, or platform that makes $10 million in revenue has to register with the Canadian government. They then want them to hand over information about their content and people listening.”

This revelation left Rogan amused.


Rogan’s podcast boasts a diverse array of guests, ranging from comedians, actors, musicians, to athletes and professionals from various walks of life. He has a knack of making individuals feel at ease enough to share their own stories.

Nevertheless, the podcast has not been without its fair share of controversy and critique. This is chiefly due to a few controversial guest appearances and a perceived lack of rigorous fact-checking.

Despite facing its critics, JRE stands as one of the most influential and widely-followed podcasts worldwide. It serves as a platform for a multitude of voices and ideas, significantly shaping the podcasting landscape.

Rogan has been a vocal advocate for the acceptance of 12-6 elbows in MMA. He has argued that they shouldn’t be banned since they provide combatants more options and aren’t any more dangerous than other lawful punches.

In an episode of his podcast, Rogan recounted his personal encounter with a 12-6 elbow. He recollected that the only instance he truly felt hurt in MMA was when he received a 12-6 elbow from a training partner. Nonetheless, he assumed responsibility for the injury as he believed that he failed to adequately protect himself.

Rogan also thinks that 12-6 elbows would increase the suspense in MMA for spectators. He believes that they would make the sport more unpredictable by increasing the amount of finishes and knockouts.