Joe Rogan warned off a heckler who was bothering Leon Edwards

Joe Rogan has been with the UFC for close to two decades. The commentator has been a huge advocate for martial arts and has used his platform to promote the sports of BJJ, MMA and the UFC promotion daily.

Rogan is also often there during problematic situations. During a recent episode featuring longtime comedian friends Ari Shaffir and Bert Kreisher, it was revealed Rogan once defused an intense situation.

Apparently a rowdy member of the crowd was trying to provoke Leon Edwards. Rogan saw what was happening and insisted on informing the heckler so he could defuse his own behavior before there were grander repercussions for his instigations.

“It was Leon Edwards. Some guy was talking shit to Leon Edwards. I said, ‘You are making a critical mistake. Let me just step in right here. First of all. you’re out of line and you’re being a s**head to him for no f**king reason and you’re picking the wrrroooonng dude!’, I’m like, ‘That is one of the best fighter’s on planet earth.'”

Edwards is no stranger to scrapping, he famously found himself on the losing site of a three piece and a soda incident featuring Jorge Masvidal. This incident is Masvidal’s biggest claim for trying to weasle himself into a title shot as of late – despite the losing spree.

Rogan also vouched for Jake Paul during the same episode providing a play by play for the Anderson Silva knock down and debunking rigging claims Paul was dealing with.

“Yeah. And by the way, we should point something out. Some people are trying to say that that fight was fixed because of the knockdown.”

“If you please if you find that, there’s a video where people are questioning, I just want to explain to people, this is what happened. He, Anderson, move forward to Jake Paul and Jake. Paul hit him with sort of a stepping jab and caught him right on the chin.”

“And when he caught him on the chin, Anderson Silva was falling backwards. And then he leans away from the right hand and he goes down. “