Joe Rogan thinks that only dumb people believe Jake Paul’s boxing matches are rigged

Joe Rogan is fully on board with Jake Paul’s boxing. Paul started off his boxing career with no martial arts experience and has been one of the few celebrity boxers that have actually gone pro.

Now Jake Paul may have gone pro but he’s only boxed against former mixed martial artists – for now. He’s rumored to be boxing Tommy Fury in August.

Paul even went toe to toe twice with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley – due to the fact many have expressed skepticism about the outcome of the first and even subsequently their second bout.

In the second bout, Paul knocked out Woodley causing him to faceplant in the ring and created a highlight reel moment after lackluster 5 rounds.

Still many question the veracity of the outcome.

Joe Rogan is not one of them.

“Some people are really dumb and they think that people choose to get knocked out on purpose for money,” Rogan said to Aljamain Sterling on the Joe Rogan Experience MMA Podcast.

Someone said, oh he took a dive in that fight. I go, ‘I don’t even think it’s possible for you to get hit like that and not go unconscious’. Like, can’t you see the way he got hit? He got hit perfectly.

“If you watch him face plant, if somebody is going to go out, they’re going to break their fall a little bit, you know? That dude got knocked out for real, for real.”


Rogan knows that rigged fights have happened before but doubted so many of them would be taking place in such a short span of time.

The identity of Paul’s next opponent is still unknown. Two UFC names are being considered – Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping but they’re both significantly older, much more experienced and in Bisping’s case in questionable physical condition.

Paul was also recently called out by a legend of boxing – Butterbean.