Joe Rogan tapped out comedian Shane Gillis “eight times” after MMA challenge

Popular comedian Shane Gillis recently recounted an unexpected encounter with Joe Rogan, revealing that the renowned podcast host managed to submit him ‘eight times.’ This incident happened after Gillis boldly claimed that Rogan wouldn’t be able to do so.

Joe Rogan is renowned not only for his podcast but also for his extensive involvement with the UFC. He stands as a prominent figure in the world of combat sports.

Since 1997, Rogan has hosted and has acted as a commentator for UFC events. He also has experience in mixed martial arts.

His social media is filled with videos showcasing his proficiency in ju-ju-jitsu, kickboxing, karate, and taekwondo. Some fervent fans have even expressed their desire to witness Rogan step into the cage against Jake Paul.

Rogan has expressed a reluctance to engage in actual competitive bouts within the cage. Nevertheless, he hasn’t shied away from displaying his skills in amateur events, most recently by deftly tapping out his friend Shane Gillis.

During a recent appearance on Andrew Schulz’s FLAGRANT podcast, Gillis recounted a noteworthy moment captured in a photograph: an intense grappling session with Rogan, where the JRE host had him in a formidable arm bar.

Reflecting on the encounter, Gillis admitted: “I tried to fight Rogan last week… whoops! He ripped my shoulder off and I was hammered so I was like ‘You can’t tap me dude.’ So, I kept f*cking with him. He tapped me like eight times, dude. He kept going!”

It’s worth noting that Gillis revealed Rogan was further provoked by onlookers who asserted that the Philadelphia-based comedian possessed superior strength.

The stand-up comic also taunted Rogan, saying that the chokes were doing ‘nothing’. This incident provided a rare glimpse into Rogan’s grappling abilities, offering fans a taste of what could transpire if he were to re-enter the competitive arena.