Joe Rogan talks Alien abductions of the grandparents of UFC strawweight Angela Hill

Joe Rogan has a deep fascination with extraterrestrial life.

He has discussed the topic of aliens and UFOs with many of his guests on the show. During a recent three-hour-long episode with comedian Sam Tallent, Rogan delved into the subject of alien abductions and UFO folklore once again.

However, during this conversation, he made a surprising revelation to his guest regarding a connection between a UFC strawweight and a classic UFO abduction story.

Angela Hill currently ranked number thirteen in the UFC rankings. She is also the granddaughter of Barney and Betty Hill.

The couple was allegedly abducted by aliens in 1961, and their story has become one of the most popular alien abduction tales in UFO folklore. Hill has also addressed this topic on multiple occasions.

Rogan disclosed to Tallent about Hill’s connection to the Barney and Betty Hill abduction story after they discussed how aliens might be visiting the planet.

According to Rogan, stories related to UFO abductions gained popularity around the same time humans developed nuclear energy.

He believes that the signal went out through the universe, indicating that humans were blowing themselves up, and aliens started to visit earth, leading to the rise of UFO folklore.

Hill’s connection to this classic UFO story makes it worth revisiting the incident. The couple encountered a UFO while they were returning from a vacation in Montreal, and aliens allegedly abducted them.

Although the couple had no recollection of the event, physical evidence like mysterious marks on their car and a stain on Betty’s clothes indicated that something strange had happened.

The story of Barney and Betty Hill has been adapted into books and multiple TV programs, and numerous podcasts have discussed it widely as well.

Rogan’s disclosure about Hill’s connection to the incident surprised many of his listeners, but for ardent fans of JRE, it was not entirely new information as Hill had briefly mentioned it during her earlier appearance on the podcast.